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Banking, Financial services and insurance

Qinshift: Your trusted partner in financial success


Our comprehensive financial services centre caters to all your financial needs in banking, finance, and insurance. We are committed to empowering you with tailored solutions, leveraging the latest advancements in technology and finance. From seamless mobile banking experiences to robust investment opportunities and comprehensive insurance coverage, your financial success and security are our top priorities.

How do we work?

Banking: On a future-proof innovative mission

Qinshift brings next-gen innovations to empower banks and financial institutions in the digital era. Our cutting-edge solutions elevate customer experiences, streamline operations, and seamlessly integrate with fintech advancements. Partnering with us enables you to unlock simplified processes, reduce costs, and exceed expectations. And the comprehensive customer-centric approach ensures effortless, efficient, and personalised banking solutions that align with your unique needs. Embrace the future of banking with us and cultivate meaningful relationships with your clients while staying ahead in the ever-changing financial landscape.

Finance: Permanent access to transformative tools

Only top IT solutions may perfectly support financial institutions when embracing the latest trends in the fintech segment. By offering seamless and user-friendly experiences, leveraging mobile applications and advanced expense management tools, Qinshift instantly simplifies financial management. With our advanced data analytics and business intelligence services, you gain valuable insights for better decision-making. Rest assured, your financial operations are safeguarded with our leading cybersecurity measures, ensuring secure transactions and protection of sensitive data. Join us in shaping the future of finance and experience the convenience and innovation our solutions bring to the industry.

Insurance: Streamlining processes, automating claims

We are dedicated to helping insurance companies in both retail and corporate segments to facilitate insurance operations, streamline claims processes and enhance customer satisfaction through top-notch technology IT solutions. Our expertise in advanced data analytics, AI-driven automation, and cloud-native architecture keeps all this ahead of the curve. You can benefit from our agile delivery process, enabling quick updates for your business. Automate claims workflows, optimise underwriting processes, and collaborate seamlessly among stakeholders for efficient claims management. Once tailor-made, the Qinshift approach optimises operations, elevates customer experience, and drives growth. Accompany us on the journey of insurance innovation and experience the transformative power of our technology solutions.

Our expertise

Delivering smooth online and mobile banking experiences, providing your customers with consistent level of service across any channel and transforming the way they interact with financial institutions, this is our contribution to digital banking. With all the focus on mobile-centric, personalized, and collaborative experiences, powered by emerging technologies like AI, open banking and cybersecurity protection.

Your new lending solutions automate tasks, improve decision-making, and personalize the customer experience to improve the accuracy and speed of lending decisions. Loan processes are efficient, more accessible and convenient for individuals and businesses alike. Thanks to our experts, providing high-quality and specialized services across all segments, from retail to SMB to corporate clients.

Nothing's more important than protecting your customers from fraud and identity theft. Building the infrastructure for digital signatures, digital identity verification in accordance with the eIDAS directive and the bankID service goes hand in hand with assisting you to implement these digital proof of identity solutions into AML processes and online services, making them more accessible and convenient for customers.

Digital Customer onboarding simplifies and expedites the customer onboarding process through digital channels. It ensures a seamless and paperless experience for new customers, making it faster and more convenient to open accounts and access financial services.

When banks and fintech companies implement instant payments and PSD2/3 open-API payment gateways that allow the merchants to offer payments directly within their own software or platform, we're in as well. Embedded payments eliminate the need for customers to leave the merchant's site or app to complete a payment, which can improve the checkout experience and boost conversion rates.

The hyperdigitization in various aspects of banking services and operations goes beyond traditional digitalization efforts and involves leveraging cutting-edge technologies to transform and enhance the entire banking ecosystem. Our expert teams provide guidance and helping hands throughout the entire process from design thinking, transformation and deployment of technology tools. We deliver customized solutions utilizing model-driven development and low-code platforms such as Salesforce Lightning / Financial Services, FSPL, Metada, Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft Dynamics, Nintex and Pega.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps financial institutions to automate repetitive tasks and streamline back-office operations. It's efficient and reduces operational costs by automating tasks like data entry, reconciliation, and compliance checks, elevating your operational capabilities, optimising resources, and delivering better services. The tools such as UiPath, Pega RPA, Kofax, Abbyy and enable us to smoothly adapt to even older systems and technologies with limited integration capabilities.

CRM can be a valuable tool for banks that want to improve their customer service, increase sales, and build stronger relationships with their customers. We deliver and support CRM platforms that track and manage all interactions, from initial contact to ongoing customer support, across integrated channels, including online and mobile banking, trouble-ticket systems, chatbots and social media.

By implementing CRM systems built on platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce we enable financial institutions to aggregate customer data from various touchpoints. The comprehensive 360° perspective of customer interactions, preferences, and needs allows you personalized communication and customized product offerings. Our solutions enhance lead management, ensuring a complete progression from initial engagement to successful conversion. The smooth customer journey makes it easier for your representatives to provide personalized assistance and resolve issues more efficiently.

By understanding your brand and business objectives, we tailor a strategy to establish a digital ecosystem that fosters meaningful interactions with your target audience.

We let the automated processes drive efficient transactions and posting within fund accounting platforms. With optimized workflows, streamlined operations and interlocked onboarding of funds and clients. Our asset management systems leverage emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide you with precise risk assessments, fraud detection, optimized portfolio allocations and investment recommendations based on individual client profiles and preferences. Integrating ESG data and metrics helps you to align your investment strategies with sustainability goals and meet increasing demand for responsible investing.

The investment companies should unlock the power of digitalizing the way they manage the investment portfolios and cater to their valued clients. Our solutions streamline portfolio management processes, gaining real-time insights and making informed decisions at the speed of today's markets. The future of investment management embraces personalized interactions, automated reporting, and user-friendly platforms.

We help our clients with creating, managing, organizing, and distributing digital content within the organization. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Filenet, Microsoft Sharepoint, Alfresco, and Atlassian Confluence, we are well-equipped to swiftly deploy scalable and cost-effective solutions. The strategic shift towards cloud-based contement management systems ushers in a new era of seamless collaboration, content sharing, and integration capabilities.

Our commission management solutions offer real-time insights into commission calculations, payouts, and performance metrics. This enables sales representatives and managers to instantly monitor their earnings and track their progress. It expands the potential for building and motivating a strong network of agents, effectively boosting sales of financial products, and efficiently supporting customer assistance through financial intermediaries.

To support the unique competency advantage of each of our clients, we craft tailor-made solutions using pre-prepared frameworks built on Java, React, Angular and Oracle technologies.

Embracing cloud technology allows financial institutions to stay competitive, improve customer experiences, and drive innovation in their operations and service offerings. We help our clients to migrate their applications and data to newer technologies and architectures. with minimal changes to their applications or the infrastructure itself. In a Lift and Go cloud migration, the goal is to quickly and easily transition from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud without the need for extensive re-architecting or refactoring of the impacted software. Once the applications and data are in the cloud, the organization can begin to take advantage of the scalability, flexibility, and cost savings of cloud computing.

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