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How to make a pension scheme


Leading Pension company associated with a reputable Bank


Rethinking Pension Systems for Modern Demands

In the ever-evolving landscape of pension systems, the challenge of crafting a comprehensive and adaptable solution loomed large. While some pension companies opted to extend their existing systems, one bold player, a distinguished pension company partnered with a respected bank, recognized the need for a revolutionary leap. Their ambition was to construct an entirely new core system that would not only meet modern standards but also encompass all operational facets without compromise.


Introducing the Clever Pension System (CPS) by Qinshift

Amid a variety of available solutions, the choice fell upon the Clever Pension System (CPS), developed by Qinshift. This momentous decision was made by a prominent international pension industry leader. Qinshift embarked on the journey to craft a robust and comprehensive system from the ground up. Through meticulous analysis, client engagements, extensive coding, and rigorous testing, the CPS took shape, culminating in its successful deployment in January 2013.

A dedicated and unwavering team, aptly named Raptor, emerged as the driving force behind the CPS's continued evolution. This team has not only facilitated tailored customizations and technical support but has also extended their expertise to implement CPS for other significant clients. Monthly meetings serve as forums where all team members contribute to refining business requirements. This collaborative approach fosters a holistic understanding of each subtask's significance within the broader framework of CPS.


Developing applications for a pension company might appear uninspiring at first glance. However, it entails crafting a dynamic and robust core system that intricately maps the entire spectrum of pension company operations – spanning pension savings, transformed pension funds, and supplementary pension savings. This endeavor necessitates the distinct expertise possessed by the talented individuals driving the creation and evolution of this intricate system. Qinshift is immensely proud of the exceptional team that shapes the future of pension systems.

By choosing Qinshift's CPS, our esteemed client gains more than a revolutionary pension solution – they embrace a partnership that thrives on adaptability and innovation. The benefits extend beyond the realm of technology; they encompass strategic alignment, operational efficiency, and a profound understanding of the modern pension landscape. The result is a pension system poised to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow, underpinned by the expertise and dedication that Qinshift brings to the table.