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Digital path to home-ownership


Modra pyramida - Leading Home Financing Innovator, Associated with Komerční banka, Czech Republic.


Embracing Digital Transformation in Home Ownership

With nearly three decades as a key player, Modra pyramida has been a fixture in the home ownership landscape, affiliated with Komerční banka, a local branch of Societe Generale in the Czech Republic. Gradually, digitalization became a focal point, with a pivotal shift in 2015. Jan Cerovsky of Modra pyramida reflects, "The turning point arrived when Modra pyramida embarked on its first major digitalization endeavor, driven by client demand and the pursuit of sustainability."


Sustainable Digital Innovations for Home Buyers

Sustainability resonates throughout Komerční banka's environment, encompassing Modrá pyramida. Embracing responsible practices breeds fresh opportunities, with carbon neutrality as a key aspiration. The journey commenced with the introduction of the digital signature, allowing biometric signatures on the Sign Pad. Contracts were seamlessly sent via email, eliminating the need for printing. In tandem, Modrá pyramida birthed the MP Home mobile app, a crowning achievement.

Mobilizing Momentum for Effortless Transactions

In tune with trends, Modrá pyramida's client zone emerged as a mobile app, forgoing a web interface. Cleverlance, now a vital part of the global entity Qinshift, stepped in to supply the app – a consolidation feat harmonizing around 15 disparate systems. Clients now submit loan documents via the app, capturing images at their convenience. The app deftly guides through each stage, elucidating processes, and even facilitating contract signing and loan disbursement. The app's evolution encompasses hassle-free loan applications and automated approvals for renovation or equipment purchase, aided by a rule-based robot.


Modra pyramida's innovative MP Home app owes its genesis to visionary management support, ensuring the project's triumph. Both Qinshift and MP teams, each comprising around 10 individuals, synergize effectively. The project's success has fostered a stable development team, bolstered by additional personnel's insights as they join at different stages.

Jan Cerovsky, Modra piramida, attests, "Everything is set up transparently, if we encounter a problem along the way, we solve it efficiently. The delivery is of high quality and the teams communicate well together."

The home ownership landscape evolves as Modra pyramida and Qinshift redefine the journey, transforming complexities into a tapestry of digital ease.