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Reimagining Mobility in a shared economy

ClientCSOB Group

officially known as Československá obchodní banka, is a major financial institution based in the Czech Republic. It is a subsidiary of the KBC Group, which is a Belgian multinational banking and insurance conglomerate. CSOB Group offers a range of banking and financial services, including retail banking, corporate banking, insurance, investment, and more.


In an era where car ownership is redefined, the future of mobility thrives in community-driven subscriptions and rentals. Recognizing this paradigm shift, CSOB Group, joined forces with Qinshift, to envision an uncomplicated, user-centric mobility ecosystem. The objective was to design a seamless platform addressing evolving travel needs, while aligning with modern passenger transport trends.


Powered by the innovative prowess of Qinshifts’ digital agency QUB, CSOB embarked on a journey to redefine mobility as a service. With a focus on user perspectives and expectations, they aimed to shape an alluring yet straightforward solution. CSOB's extensive experience in payments, public transport, and automotive sectors, coupled with Qinshifts’ expertise, drove the creation of a contactless card-based solution for both public and private transportation. This collaboration extended to create an environment for transformative transport-related projects.


CSOB, emerged as a pivotal partner in payments and personal mobility. With CSOB Leasing's involvement, the groundwork was laid for reshaping how individuals perceive travel and mobility services. The Vision 2020 project envisions a virtual hub where every facet of mobility can be organized and acquired – from car selection and train ticket purchases to parking payments and tire changes. This goes beyond a mere travel app; it signifies market education, user empowerment, and a transformative environment that shapes lives. Underlying it all is the ethos of change, not just for one entity, but for the people at large.