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Creditas Bank IT Transformation

Creditas Bank IT Transformation

Creditas Bank is a prominent retail bank in the Czech Republic, known for its diverse range of financial services. It is a key user of Qinshift Multichannel software, provided by Qinshift, a global entity. Creditas Bank offers services like internet banking, mobile banking, branch applications, call center support, and more.


Creditas Bank needed to enhance its digital capabilities and services to meet the evolving demands of its customers. This involved improving online and mobile banking experiences, implementing functionalities for corporate clients, ensuring robust security measures, and creating a more efficient branch system.


Qinshift responded by implementing a comprehensive solution:

1.      Internet and Mobile Banking: Creditas Bank's online services were upgraded to include seamless management of banking activities, including loans, credit cards, and international payments. Advanced security measures were integrated, including second-factor authentication through SMS or MPIN.

2.      Branch App: A new branch system was developed, allowing for streamlined communication with clients. It offers information about mortgages, document submission, transaction status updates, and personalized banker interactions.

3.      Website Revamp: The bank's website was built using the robust Liferay platform, accommodating future growth. It offers dynamic content such as rate cards, product calculators, and a financial market blog.

4.      Digital Signage: Qinshift introduced tablet apps for customer waiting areas, displaying essential product information and calculators. In-branch solutions include document displays and biometric signature recording. Special displays show exchange rates and other relevant data.

Benefits of working with Qinshift:

·        Transformative Partnership: Qinshift emerged as a pivotal collaborator in Creditas Bank's IT transformation journey.

·        Successful Deployment: Despite a New Year's Eve deployment, Qinshift's implementation team ensured a smooth transition without complications.

·        Enhanced Client Experience: Creditas Bank's clients now enjoy hassle-free online and mobile banking, efficient loan management, and advanced security measures.

·        Empowered Corporate Clients: Corporate clients can effortlessly manage large batches of payments and access transaction history, enhancing their financial operations.

·        Branch System Advancement: The new branch system enables holistic mortgage information, online document submission, and real-time transaction updates.

·        Dynamic Website: The revamped website offers not only static information but also interactive tools like rate cards, product calculators, and financial market insights.

·        Innovative Digital Signage: The digital signage solution enhances customer experiences both in waiting areas and during in-branch interactions.