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Qinshift Whistleblowing policy

At Qinshift, we're all about fostering a transparent, open, and respectful work environment. We believe in doing the right thing, and that's why we encourage our employees, partners, and stakeholders to speak up when they have concerns about unethical behavior, violations of policies, or any other wrongdoing within our organization. Your voice matters, and we're here to listen.

What to report?

The aim of this form is to facilitate whistle-blower reporting as per the principles laid out in the Whistle Blowing Policy. This is accomplished by establishing channels for reporting that ensure a prompt and efficient response. These reporting channels not only safeguard whistleblowers from retaliation but also protect the organization and its employees from unfounded or malicious accusations.

You can blow the whistle on anything that goes against our company values, code of conduct, or any legal regulations. This includes, but isn't limited to, concerns about:

·             Ethical violations

·            Financial misconduct

·            Discrimination or harassment

·            Safety hazards

·            Violations of laws and regulations

·            Any actions that could harm our company or its stakeholders

Confidentiality and protection

We take your privacy and security seriously. We will treat all whistleblowing reports confidentially to the extent allowed by law. We will protect your identity to the fullest extent possible. 


Whistleblowing Form



By submitting the report, you acknowledge and accept that we might contact you in case we would need any additional information related to the reported event, to speed up the investigation process and to bring it to a successful closure.

After you've made a report, we'll initiate an investigation and will keep you updated on the progress and resolution.

Note: You can equally file a statement to be sent to: or call 003897 8452315

Czech Republic

Phone: 00420 226 211 295




Phone: 00420 777929404




Phone: 0046 76 644 70 19




Phone: 0048 501 762 059



North Macedonia

Phone: 00389 78 499 176




Phone: 00381 60 45 77 304



Bosnia and Herzegovina

Phone: 00387 65 463 957



Phone: 0090 537 644 1851




Phone: 00373 68 932 233




Phone: 00375296139010




Phone: 00389 77576530




Phone: 00389 77576530




Phone: 00420 777929404




Phone: 00420 777929404