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Digital Identity Solved: Qinshift's BankID Integration


Forward-Thinking Banks and Regulatory Compliance Entities


Revolutionizing Digital Identity in the Modern World

In the pursuit of a seamless digital experience across civic and business realms, the unique identification of individuals becomes paramount. Certain regions' banks have mastered this aspect proficiently, and the challenge lies in translating the simplicity, speed, and trust of physical interactions into the digital domain.


Digital Transformation Through Bank Identity Integration

As Qinshift steps into the spotlight, the journey towards a robust digital identity ecosystem takes a momentous leap. Our vision revolves around harnessing the efficacy of bank identity, one of the most intuitive and user-centric methods, to bridge the gap between real-world interactions and the virtual sphere. Through seamless integration with Basic Registries (BR), National Identification and Authorization (NIA) points, and other registry providers within the Czech Republic, Qinshift streamlines this transformative process. This integration not only facilitates data cleansing and compliance with regulatory standards such as AML/KYC but also prepares institutions for anticipated legislative approvals. The swiftness of our deployment, often within weeks, guarantees a more accessible and delightful journey towards a fully digital realm.


Redefining Trust

Qinshift's BankID integration revolutionizes identity verification. Banks take on the pivotal role of confirming third-party interactions, ensuring effective identity mediation. FrantiĊĦek Antropius, Senior Business Analyst at Qinshift, states, "Banks confirm third-party communication with specific individuals, embodying mediated identity verification."

In a security-focused landscape, rigorous measures safeguard data and fortify database security, thwarting identity fraud. The link to the National Identification Authority stands as a gateway to government entities.

Dual document systems fade as digitized documents surge. Authentication and secure storage gain prominence, heightening user security in fund transfers and public service interactions. Biometric customer signatures curtail fraud at retail outlets effectively.

With Qinshift's BankID integration, a new era of digital identity and fortified trust emerges. Clients embrace innovation and security for a seamless digital landscape.