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Empowering Industry with Smart Solutions for Sustainable Success


The manufacturing sector was at a transformative crossroads already, with all the challenges and potential benefits of Industry 4.0, reshaping every aspect of production and operations. In the ever-changing environment, manufacturing organisations need to shape up and control their sustainability work as an effect of the EU’s sustainability directive CSRD and the sustainability reporting requirements in ESRS. Another significant development is the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which adds even more dimensions to the challenge, but also to the possibilities that AI brings for manufacturing organisations.


We are at the forefront of this challenging revolution, offering tailored IT solutions that address the unique challenges faced by manufacturers. From small-scale operations to multinational corporations, we provide the expertise and technology to navigate the complexities of digital integration, workforce transformation, knowledge expansion, and operational optimisation. Sustainability is important in every aspect, so let us help you – not only to be compliant but also to understand how it will benefit your operations.

How do we work?

We use an open-minded approach, based on business challenges and drivers, structured and systematic, when helping our customers develop their potential and strategically prioritise their digital solution investment.

We accomplish this by providing senior business consultancy, leveraging our extensive experience, and harnessing customers’ knowledge and skills, to help so that together we can select, prioritise, and utilise the best-of-breed combined business and IT solutions, enabled by the vast expertise of our teams at Qinshift.

Our expertise

Understanding how to realise benefits from the charge in Industry 4.0, we bridge the gaps that often isolate and fragment industrial systems, emanating from diverse suppliers as well as over time. By harnessing the cutting-edge power of ThingWorx and other similar branded technologies in the area from IoT sensors to AI-based business intelligence, we create a robust digital orchestration platform that imbues data with context. The result is a data-driven manufacturing that stands at the pinnacle of the 4.0 standard, empowering our customers with unparalleled insights and efficiency while focusing on sustainability.

Understanding the implications and challenges of multifaceted manufacturing processes from different perspectives such as quality, energy, productivity, health, safety, work environment, lean, operational excellence, and more, we can provide data for understanding. And to make sense of it, this sense is created through advanced data gathering for business intelligence including the use of adopted AI to improve manufacturing performance. At the end of the day, improved manufacturing performance such as quality, through reductions in scrapped products or through reduced rework, means sustainability. Improved energy control means reduced emissions which is improved sustainability. Improved productivity, through reduced machining, reduced downtime improved planning, and more, is also improved sustainability as fewer resources are consumed. There is a clear connection between improved manufacturing performance and improved sustainability. Qinshift can help manufacturing organizations achieve both.

With global supply chains becoming more complex and vulnerable to disruptions, in combination with increased demands for compliance and sustainability improvements, there is a growing need for manufacturing companies to improve their supply chain resilience, efficiency, and sustainability. Qinshift can offer solutions that leverage data analytics and AI to optimise inventory management, demand forecasting, and supplier relationships, while at the same time improving on sustainability targets.

In the highly complex and changing landscape, it is often in operational environments with limited budgets cumbersome to allocate the time, the right resources, and the right skills to figure out where to allocate investments in digital solutions that will gain the organisation the most returns on investment. We can allocate knowledge from both external drivers and customer internal needs. Combined with Qinshift's substantial digital know-how we co-work with the customer and help create business cases that enable the manufacturing organization to better make decisions on digital investments on the path to becoming data-driven, AI-aware, and sustainable.

Harness the full potential of your data with our expert guidance. Our data enablement services are designed to provide you with actionable insights, fostering informed decision-making that propels your business forward. We help you navigate the complex data landscape, ensuring compliance with GDPR, CSRD (ESRS), and other regulatory frameworks while maximising the value of your information assets.

The manufacturing sector operates under stringent regulations and compliance requirements, making digital transformation a careful balancing act between innovation and adherence to legal frameworks.
We help public organisations to craft tailored data platforms that integrate seamlessly with existing systems, ensuring data accuracy and accessibility, and merging data from disparate sources to provide a unified, comprehensive view, essential for informed decision-making.

Many manufacturing organisations are burdened with outdated technology systems. Upgrading these systems while ensuring seamless integration with new digital solutions poses a significant challenge, further accelerated by the need to protect and handle sensitive data with immense responsibility. By introducing new digital tools and platforms, a significant enhancement is created in the quality and accessibility of required production and logistical services, making them more efficient and controllable. We offer digital transitions carried out with paramount security and privacy.

Our managed services ensure the uninterrupted excellence of your digital operations. We provide end-to-end support, from infrastructure management to security and compliance, so that manufacturing sector organisations can focus on their core business activities. Our pan-European team offers localised support, ensuring that your operations run smoothly, no matter where you are on the continent.

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