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Automation for enhanced customer experience


Banka Intesa, leading private bank in Serbia and a member the of Intesa Sanpaolo Group.


As a prominent private bank in Serbia and a member of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, Banca Intesa recognized the urgency to revamp its outdated systems and elevate customer service quality. The process of modernization was intricate and resource-demanding. To meet this challenge head-on, the bank embarked on a quest for an advanced solution that could automate operations and expedite user responses.


Our adept team orchestrated the implementation of a cutting-edge solution that redefines digital banking and optimizes the card operations cycle. With its agility, automation prowess, and scalability, the bank now stands empowered to execute business operations seamlessly on this innovative platform.


·        Our application fuels Banca Intesa's journey by automating card operations, nurturing customer relationships, and enabling swift, efficient user communication. This propels Banca Intesa's prominence within the Serbian market, enhancing transparency, trimming operational complexity, and delivering rapid services to end-users. Consequently, clients embrace Banca Intesa as a dependable ally, reposing trust in its services.

·        Our approach marries cutting-edge technologies to yield solutions of unparalleled value. The solution harmonizes .Net Framework 4.5, AngularJS, and MS SQL Server, resulting in a robust and dynamic system that caters to Banca Intesa's unique needs.