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Telecom, Media and Technology

Turbocharge your Telecom: Tech that transforms


In today's world, customers demand immediate and high-quality service. As more and more devices become connected through IoT, everything that can be digitalized - will be.

The telecommunications industry is particularly impacted as its networks play an essential role in making the digital economy possible. By embracing digitalization, telecom companies can offer faster data and better performance.

For more than 23 years, we have partnered with leading global telecom and satellite providers. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to empower you in catalyzing digital innovation, optimizing data processing efficiency, and fueling accelerated business expansion.

How do we work?

Disruption creates challenges and opportunities.

In this day and age, to truly transform into a digital service provider, companies focus on the balance of introducing new technologies, with the creation of new services.

To achieve this, we help customers embrace end-to-end simplification and automation, digital-native customer experiences. Real-time data and insights and world class connectivity.

  •        We utilize Emerging technologies

AI, VR, 5G, IoT and Cloud are creating significant opportunities for Telco’s, Media Houses and Technology companies to evolve into digital providers.

  •       We disrupt the digital landscape

 The market is increasingly competitive with pressure from hyperscale’s and newcomers, so the need for companies to innovate and drive customer growth and retention, gets higher by the day.

  •        We emphasize experience

Customers are demanding digital-native, zero-touch experiences and faster connectivity everywhere, supported through seamless billing and procurement across all touch points. 

Our expertise

Digital transformation presents a myriad of opportunities for Telcos to excel in their operations. By automating processes and harnessing the power of data analytics, Telcos can make smarter, data-driven decisions, and gain a competitive edge in the fast-paced market.


At Qinshift, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve. We provide our clients with a fusion of cutting-edge modules, functions, code, and AI algorithms that keeps Telco business at the forefront of innovation. As technology continues to advance, we continuously explore and implement the latest trends to provide you with the most advanced and effective solutions.


Through leveraging AI, automation, Cloud computing and IoT, we fuel business innovation, customer satisfaction, technology renewal and operational excellence.

What sets us apart is our deep-rooted belief in human-centric approach. While technology remains at the core of our services, we recognize that the success of digital transformation lies in the seamless integration of technology with human expertise.

 Transform your telco services with the Telco Cloud – the epitome of agility and scalability. Embrace softwarization, cloudification, and containers to unlock seamless integration between public and private clouds without vendor lock-in.

We leverage open-source solutions and standardized APIs for effortless collaboration with third-party providers. Our data-driven operations, powered by AI and ML, optimize customer interactions and streamline processes.

We base network softwarization on four pillars: disaggregation, virtualization, automation and network programmability, preparing our customers for 5G, OpenRAN, and EDGE applications. Real-time self-healing capabilities ensure seamless performance.

We maximize revenue opportunities for our clients through online convergent charging and strategic 5G SA Charging. Adopt DevOps and agile governance for rapid, effective changes.

Our clients rest easy with ironclad security and complete transparency, as we safeguard company information and customer data.

Discover the Telco Cloud's full potential – delivering innovation, value, and unmatched customer satisfaction to elevate your telco services.

In today's digital age, a strong Business Intelligence (BI) system is essential for organizations. BI provides real-time insights from data, while Data Science (DS) extracts meaningful insights using advanced techniques.

Our deep expertise includes comprehensive solutions for architecture design, data processing, transformation, and data visualization. We specialize in core database architecture, Data Warehouse design, and BI visualizations using Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik.

We ensure smooth data engineering, covering ETL/ELT pipelines, Data Lakes, and Lambda architectures. Unlock the power of predictive analytics with our data exploration and machine learning algorithms.

Qinshift maximizes your data value with metadata-driven data ingestion, transformations, and database administration. We support various platforms, making data management easy for our clients to drive growth and success.

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Discover the potential of your company with us and turn data into your greatest asset!

In the realm of modern telecommunications, the untapped reservoir of fragmented data assets beckons a transformative shift – one that bridges disconnected customer profiles, billing records, network configurations, and marketing insights. Qinshift emerges as a trailblazer, armed with cutting-edge technology, agile frameworks, and a wealth of experience from diverse global telecom ventures. Our bespoke data-driven intelligence approach empowers your telecom enterprise to navigate with precision, seamlessly integrating operations while unlocking the vault of invaluable data for strategic monetization. Whether you're embarking on this journey or fine-tuning its course, Qinshift stands as your dedicated partner, orchestrating success through human expertise, procedural finesse, technological prowess, and sound fiscal strategies.

Our team of seasoned professionals brings an abundance of expertise to the table, devising tailored strategies that harness the distinct attributes of your data. Be it subscriber insights, network usage patterns, or customer behavior analytics, we possess the tools and insights needed to transform your data into a treasure trove of opportunities.

No two telecommunication businesses are alike, and that's why we offer tailor-made solutions that align with your specific objectives. Qinshift's Data Monetization services are designed to cater to your business's unique data landscape, ensuring that every bit of valuable information is transformed into tangible revenue streams. Our comprehensive suite of services spans data analysis, pricing strategies, partnership facilitation, and beyond – all crafted with the singular goal of unlocking your data's potential.

The advent of 5G technology heralds an opportunity for Telecom enterprises to unlock business value through astute monetization strategies. Empowered by its ultra-fast speeds and minimal latency, 5G empowers telecom providers to provide top-tier services, attracting discerning clientele and amplifying revenue streams.

Through Internet of Things (IoT), we collaborate with clients to forge ingenious services for both enterprises and consumers. By establishing seamless connectivity for an array of intelligent devices, we unveil novel pathways for revenue generation in this swiftly expanding arena.

Within Qinshift, our suite of 5G-fueled remote collaboration services empowers businesses to tap into global talent, optimize operations, and amplify productivity. Our clientele effectively harnesses this demand by curating custom packages for effortless team synergy, thus delivering palpable business value.

Capitalizing on 5G's ability for real-time, location-centric targeting, enterprises can effectively engage highly pertinent audiences. We stand beside telecom companies, offering data-driven advertising services that yield heightened returns on ad investments for businesses.

Enveloped in the realm of 5G monetization, we guide telecom corporations to venture into untapped markets, broaden their service portfolio, and elevate customer experiences.

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Salesforce is the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, that connects businesses with their customers, uniting marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams for exceptional customer experiences. Qinshift specializes in Salesforce implementation services, offering consulting, configuration, customization, migration, and integration across various industries. Our tailored solutions support sales, service, and marketing efforts, unlocking the full potential of Salesforce Cloud products and features. With over 20 years of experience and deep industry knowledge, we ensure smooth business continuity.

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Streamline your business operations with Qinshift's Salesforce solutions, optimizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Contact us today to learn how Salesforce Solutions can revolutionize your business.

We boast deep expertise in testing for the Telco industry, providing comprehensive quality assurance for telecom specific products and services.

Testing is ingrained in our DNA, with continuous focus on improving our testing knowledge, processes, and tools across various segments. At the forefront of Software Testing transformation, we harness AI and Automation for peak performance, streamlining processes, and minimizing errors.

Precision takes center stage, with rigorous Quality Metrics serving as benchmarks for excellence, ensuring industry-standard telecom solutions. Our holistic approach weaves quality into every fiber of your software, ensuring robustness and reliability.

Qinshift's Testing as a Service (TaaS) redefines excellence, freeing your team for innovation while our experts handle intricate testing, delivering unparalleled efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In the dynamic telecom realm, SW Testing molds victory.

Uncover the Qinshift edge today.

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Transform your Telco operations with our cutting-edge BSS/OSS services at Qinshift. We specialize in empowering businesses with comprehensive solutions that enhance customer relationship management, revenue management, and operational support systems (OSS).

Safeguard your BSS/OSS environments with advanced monitoring for fraud, revenue leakage, and process failures, providing robust protection and peace of mind. Our revolutionary approach to BSS/OSS-as-a-Service drives digital transformation, efficient greenfield business setup, new business growth, and leaner, agile operations.

Our BSS/OSS professional services are meticulously crafted to meet your specific needs. Whether it's revenue management, customer care, billing, network management, or service provisioning, Qinshift has you covered. We combine technology, strategy, and a deep understanding of the telecommunication landscape to deliver offerings that streamline your operations, reduce costs, and ensure your business is primed for the future.

Embrace a world-class digital operating model that streamlines people, culture, skills, platforms, and processes, saving time and staying ahead of the competition. Establish your service provider business seamlessly with our modern, scalable BSS/OSS-as-a-Service, enabling quick market entry and efficient resource management.

Capture revenue growth opportunities in B2B SME, VNO, and IoT markets with our agile solutions, expanding rapidly and unlocking new market segments. Embrace radical business steering with our DevOps-powered BSS/OSS-as-a-Service, offering cost-efficiency, agility, and leaner operations for success.

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Embrace the seamless integration of interconnected devices, supercharging operational efficiency, skyrocketing productivity, and delivering unparalleled user experiences with Qinshift. Our human-centric approach brings forth a harmonious synergy between cutting-edge tech and human interaction, transcending conventional models.

Within our fortified IoT ecosystem, harness real-time data insights to drive data-driven decisions, empowering your workforce to make precision moves. Rest assured, our robust and scalable IoT infrastructure ensures an impregnable fortress of cyber-security, shielding your data from the prying eyes of cyber threats.

Embrace the competitive edge of next-gen IoT implementations, and embark on an uncharted trajectory of boundless innovation and growth. With tailored solutions that cater to your unique needs, we unleash the transformative power of IoT, elevating your business to unparalleled heights in the digital domain.

With a firm belief in producing services that are both business value-oriented and human-centric, our AI-driven technologies revolutionize the way our clients engage with their customers.

Generative AI is our driving force at Qinshift, propelling the AI revolution in telecommunication. This approach surpasses conventional methods, enabling systems to learn, create, and adapt. With our innovative Generative AI solutions, you can optimize network management, enhance predictive maintenance, elevate customer engagement, and much more – all fueled by data-driven intelligence.

Telecommunication enterprises vary in their goals and challenges, which is why our Generative AI solutions are tailored to your unique needs. We work closely with your team to identify areas where AI can trigger transformative change. Whether streamlining resource allocation, automating intricate processes, or sharpening decision-making, our AI solutions are finely tuned to deliver tangible, measurable outcomes.

Our commitment to excellence means choosing Qinshift as your AI partner is choosing a collaborator dedicated to your triumph. We place your business objectives at the core of our strategies, integrating the latest telecommunication trends with state-of-the-art Generative AI technology. The result? Services that not only boost efficiency but also foster innovation, driving your bottom-line.

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At Qinshift, we revolutionize the customer experience by delving into the intricacies of interactions between our clients and their customers, both online and offline. This collaborative effort ensures the creation of user-desirable, business-viable, and technologically feasible services.

We introduce the potential of Generative AI in telecommunications, crafting personalized experiences through sophisticated AI algorithms. From tailored service recommendations to immersive support, our Generative AI forges strong connections between telecom operators and valued customers.

Qinshift delivers bespoke solutions, uniquely aligned with each telecom operator's objectives. Our services encompass AI-powered chatbots, personalized content delivery, proactive issue resolution, and predictive analytics, enhancing customer experiences at every touchpoint.

Choosing us means embracing a strategic partner dedicated to your customer experience success. Our collaborative ethos ensures customers remain the focus. Guided by Generative AI, we empower you to deepen connections, enhance loyalty, and amplify brand advocacy.

With us, you transcend conventional engagement paradigms, unlocking new dimensions of customer satisfaction. Elevate your telecom operator brand and revolutionize audience interactions.

Get a competitive edge and real value for your business through our AdTech and MarTech development services. Automate and optimize digital media buying and selling, gain more access to inventory and demand, and measure advertising and marketing performance with our software.

AdTech services:

·        Real-time bidding and programmatic advertising platforms for all digital channels.

·        Platforms such as DSPs, SSPs, ad exchanges, ad servers, and self-serve ad platforms.

MarTech services:

·        Design and build marketing software for automation and optimization.

·        Platforms including analytics, attribution, marketing automation, personalization engines, and tag management systems.

Data Analytics Development:

·        Scalable data platforms collecting and visualizing data from various sources.

·        Platforms encompass CDPs, DMPs, data lakes, data clean rooms, and reporting dashboards.

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Knowledge that sparks transformative impact is what sets Qinshift apart. In today's media realm, broadcasters encounter unprecedented obstacles due to the transformative impact of streaming services on the entertainment landscape. The industry incurs substantial financial losses annually due to plagiarism, customer attrition, and sub-optimal advertising tactics. By leveraging Qinshift's expertise, broadcasters can effectively optimize their content value chain, reducing churn, while elevating audience engagement and streamlining media asset. Qinshift's dedicated team navigates these challenges with precision, securing your success in the ever-evolving media landscape.

Qinshift offers a comprehensive suite of services that redefine the streaming landscape, empowering you to connect with audiences in dynamic ways. Our expertise spans various domains, from live streaming that bridges geographical divides, to immersive VR and AR integration that transports viewers to new realms of engagement. With advanced AI algorithms, we tailor content recommendations to individual preferences, ensuring each user embarks on a personalized journey. Language barriers become a thing of the past as we facilitate multilingual support, while interactive features empower viewers to shape narratives and engage actively. Through strategic partnerships, we expand your reach and content offerings, and our ad-supported options diversify revenue streams. Whether it's short-form content for rapid engagement, downloadable content for uninterrupted access, or the integration of social media to enhance interaction, Qinshift is committed to shaping the future of streaming, captivating global audiences, and transforming content consumption.

We are driven by innovative data analytics that form the bedrock of our human-centric and business-value oriented services. Leveraging advanced data mining and machine learning algorithms, we empower businesses to decipher the intricate dynamics of customer churn, while simultaneously optimizing customer engagement strategies for sustained growth.

Our data analytics prowess offers unparalleled precision in dissecting customer behaviors, enabling you to identify critical patterns and fine-tune your marketing efforts. With our data-driven approach to advertising, you can now harness granular insights to target specific audience segments, maximizing your ad spend efficiency and achieving exceptional ROI.

Augmented Analytics redefines intelligence by seamlessly merging human intuition with AI-driven insights, revolutionizing the speed and accuracy of actionable insights. Real-Time Analytics empowers businesses to respond instantly to changing trends, providing personalized experiences and detecting opportunities on-the-fly. Edge Analytics, rooted in IoT, reduces latency and unlocks real-time insights, vital for split-second decisions in critical sectors. Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics leverage historical data and AI for forecasting and actionable recommendations, while Ethical Data Analytics ensures responsible usage, trust, and compliance. These trends collectively shape an innovative data-driven future, and through them we guide businesses beyond the uncharted waters of the digital age.

We decode the language of data to narrate compelling stories that lead to informed decision-making and tangible results. Seamlessly integrating data analytics into your business processes, we unlock untapped potentials, enhance brand loyalty, and drive competitive advantages in the digital era.

In the realm of iGaming, we specialize in custom software development, crafting innovative solutions that propel clients to the forefront of the industry. Our expertise spans across business intelligence, big data, and customer relationship management, empowering operators to make informed decisions, unlock valuable insights, and enhance player satisfaction.

We excel in streamlining workflows and optimizing efficiency, allowing operators to focus on achieving success in their endeavors. Our array of services offers valuable support, freeing up resources and boosting productivity for operators.

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At Qinshift, we offer cutting-edge Data Analytics Services to optimize predictive maintenance and performance tracking. Our machine learning and AI algorithms provide real-time insights, anticipating equipment failures and minimizing downtime. Through intuitive dashboards, we help you identify key performance indicators, make informed decisions, and boost productivity. With a user-friendly experience, you can focus on your core business while we handle data analytics complexities.

Our innovative technology services empower businesses to efficiently organize, store, and distribute media assets with ease and precision.

With seamless integration and intelligent metadata tagging, Qinshift ensures rapid access to your extensive media library, streamlining your workflow like never before. Our platform utilizes state-of-the-art AI algorithms to automatically categorize and optimize your data, saving valuable time and resources.

Stay ahead in this digital age with our secure cloud-based solution, enabling real-time collaboration and remote access to your media files. Experience the convenience of automated backups, ensuring the safety and integrity of your valuable assets.

At Qinshift, we are committed to providing a user-friendly and forward-thinking MAM and Data Management solution, transforming the way you handle your media content.

At Qinshift, we deliver robust telco Platform Integrations for seamless collaboration and efficiency. Tailored to your needs with cutting-edge technologies, our integrations eliminate data silos and streamline workflows, empowering well-informed decision-making and driving innovation.

Qinshift’s system integration offers end-to-end solutions with a wide range of best-of-breed and Open Source technologies, ensuring flexibility and efficiency until systems go-live. Our comprehensive consulting services cover research, development, analysis, training, and more, backed by a history of successful engagements and global customer satisfaction.

With our deep expertise in Salesforce, we transform customer experiences and drive growth for your telco business. Our Salesforce specialists tailor seamless integrations, harmoniously connecting CRM with marketing automation and service desk tools, enabling you to foster strong customer relationships.

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We offer a range of flexible delivery options for your tech projects, including turnkey solutions, team augmentation, team lease, self-managed agile teams, and service outsourcing. Our diverse team consists of seasoned experts and enthusiastic young professionals who can deliver your project using the latest technology trends like cloud, DevOps, containerization, and microservices, making your solutions practical and easy to manage.

Our IT architects are adept at integrating data from various backend systems, ensuring smooth data flow and accessibility. You can choose from our various delivery models tailored to suit your project's specific needs. Our team excels in developing modern solutions with rapid and adaptable responses, ensuring the technology stack aligns precisely with your requirements.

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