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Our story

Our name tells our story — a fusion of the limitless power of the human mind and cutting-edge technology.

Combining a playful version of the word kin, representing community and fellowship, and shift, the name Qinshift speaks of the human-centric technology that we believe can change everything. We are here to shift the mindset of what can be achieved through technological innovation. Together as coworkers, in partnership with our clients, and with an effect on the entire world.

We are Qinshift.

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Our Qin code

We exist to shift the world through technology that combines the intellectual mind and the compassionate heart. Our Qin Code defines our purpose, mission and our values. And it isn't just a statement; it's our compass, serving as a testament to 
our commitment to ourselves and the global community, steering us as we evolve and grow.


Our purpose

Solving the biggest challenges, driven by the limitless potential of human-centric technology.

We believe in the power of technology as an ever-evolving resource to solve society's greatest challenges, one project at the time. However, we also believe that this needs to be driven by creative tech visioners with humane values. And that's where we come in.


Our mission

Constantly challenging ourselves to deliver outstanding services.

At the core of our mission is a relentless drive to push boundaries and seek innovative ways to serve our clients. Our diverse team thrives on thinking differently, taking calculated risks, and learning from each experience. Ultimately leading to outstanding services within strategising, designing and building new technological solutions for our clients.



Our values

Bolder ideas

Being tech-savvy challengers, we are committed to using cutting-edge technology and creative thinking to develop innovative solutions that make a positive impact. We are dedicated to constantly learning and improving.

Better minds

As expert problem-solvers, we strive to truly understand our clients’ challenges. We are attentive listeners and value open communication. By approaching each project with the best global standards and 
a flexible mindset, we offer effective solutions that exceed our clients' expectations.

Bigger hearts

With humanity at the heart and being people-people: we care. About our employees’ wellbeing, about our clients and the end-users. We trust and respect the needs, competences, and experiences of everyone we interact with. Always with a strong commitment to ethical and responsible business practices.

Greater fun

While we take our work seriously, we believe in infusing it with enjoyment and camaraderie, celebrating the journey together. By fostering a positive and collaborative environment, we inspire creativity and innovation at every step.

Our family tree

Qinshift is proud to be a part of the esteemed KKCG group. Within this family, our technology pillar has flourished, establishing itself as a leading European IT player. With revenues of nearly EUR 500 million and a team of over 
4,000 experts across multiple countries, Qinshift and our sister company ARICOMA have solidified our position in the 
IT industry.