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Custom Software Development

From Concept to Live Systems: The Software Solution you need

Embrace the future of Custom Application Design and software solutions with Qinshift. As leaders in the industry, we blend the power of existing software platforms with bespoke software development to create transformative solutions. Our experts are committed to crafting tailor-made solutions that elevate your business to new heights. From concept to solution, we deliver secure, scalable, and innovative software solutions that optimize your efficiency and drive unparalleled business value. 

Don’t settle for off-the-shelf - "One size fits all" just doesn't cut it. The custom software solutions we develop are fully tailored and optimized for your needs, and provide flexibility, scalability, and easy integration with existing business software. 

How do we work?

At Qinshift, we believe in the strength of collaboration, working closely with you to understand your business goals thoroughly. Our custom software development process is designed to bring your vision to life efficiently and effectively. Here's how we work: 

In-Depth Business Analysis: We conduct thorough analyses to align the proposed solution with your specific business requirements, ensuring on-time delivery with maximum customer satisfaction. 

Agile Development Approach: For projects with evolving requirements, we adopt the agile approach, enabling quick and flexible reactions to changes, thus delivering optimal results. 

Cutting-Edge Technologies: We stay at the forefront of technology trends, employing cloud computing, DevOps, containerization, and microservices to keep your solutions practical and manageable. 

Transparent Project Management: Our team offers transparency throughout the development process, providing you with effective reporting and traceability to maintain full control over the project. 

Our expertise 

Our delivery options are flexible and include turnkey solutions, team augmentation, team lease, self-managed agile teams, and service outsourcing. We provide everything from solution concepts and UI/UX/CX design to programming, testing, and support. 

We have a diverse team of seasoned experts and enthusiastic young geeks who can deliver your project in a variety of ways. We stay up to date with the latest technology trends, using cloud, DevOps, containerization, and microservices to keep your solutions practical and manageable.  We design and develop portals for major systems such as e-banking and intranet platforms.  

Integration Experts: 

Our IT architects are masters at integrating data from different backend systems, ensuring seamless data flow and accessibility. 

Flexible Delivery Options: 

We offer various delivery models, including turnkey solutions, team augmentation, team lease, self-managed agile teams, and service outsourcing, to fit your project's unique needs. 

Bespoke Development: 

Our team develops modern solutions with quick and flexible reactions, ensuring each project's technology stack aligns with your requirements. 

Our service offering




Pioneering the mobile app transformation, we seamlessly integrate the functionalities of current mobile technology with personalized application development to shape transformative mobile encounters. Our team of specialists is committed to forging tailor-made apps that propel your business forward in the mobile-focused landscape. 

Spanning from conceptualization to app launch, we provide secure, flexible, and innovative mobile app solutions, elevating your outreach and interaction. 

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Unlocking the potential of embedded systems, Qinshift pioneers tailored solutions across diverse industries like automotive, IoT, and consumer electronics. With a seasoned team and agile methodologies, we ensure seamless alignment with your objectives. From Embedded Linux to RTOS and AUTOSAR, our expertise spans the spectrum. Committed to security and compliance, we deliver innovation with trust. Explore how we engineer tomorrow's technologies.

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