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Elevating Industries, Leading the Technological Revolution

The Industrial sector serves as the backbone of economies worldwide, encompassing diverse industries. Its operations rely heavily on efficient processes, data management, and technological advancements to remain competitive and sustainable. Furthermore, organisations face a myriad of challenges in this dynamic landscape. Workforce skills gaps, the effective utilisation of data analytics, and the imperative to invest in sustainable practices to minimise environmental impact are just a few of the pressing issues that must be addressed.

Challenges are opportunities for growth and innovation. Technologies play a vital role in streamlining operations, optimising resource utilisation, enhancing productivity, and fostering innovation. From automation and data analytics to IoT integration and cybersecurity, innovations in IT enable industrial sectors to adapt to evolving market demands, improve operational efficiency, and drive growth in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

How do we work

At Qinshift, our core strategy revolves around revolutionising industries through cutting-edge technological solutions. Specialising in cloud and web-based technologies, we optimise resource capacity, enhance data connectivity, and elevate operational quality. Collaborating with industrial stakeholders, we prioritise processes that advance efficiency, user experience, and performance. With extensive expertise in diverse industrial domains, we understand the ecosystem, client infrastructure, and industry trends. Our unique strength lies in aligning strategic objectives with technical capabilities, empowering organisations to reduce costs, optimise sales, improve performance, and heighten overall productivity while keeping an eye on critical manufacturing KPIs like OEE, OLE, and MMF. This precise approach ensures a comprehensive and impactful transformation within various industrial sectors. Due to our experience in both IT and OT worlds, we can bring our customers true digital change and future-proof solutions that will propel them towards digital tomorrow.

Our expertise

One of our core strengths is in-depth knowledge of industrial and manufacturing processes, their limitations and also stabilisation methods to reach stable and KPI defined continuous improvement. Aside from analytics, we can also provide process audits via our ISO certified specialists that can drive not only manufacturing but company-wide processes into the digital future. Our current era more than any other proves that process and not the system are the backbone of digital manufacturing because reliability, truthfulness, and repeatability of the data and results come from correctly set guidelines.

With increasing convergence between physical and digital world, the need arises to actually be able to map critical paths, current locations, and behaviour of customers' assets. Here comes in the location services or RTLS.
While older concepts created separate technology clusters, modern integration and IIoT platforms’ native functionalities enable seamless integration of a multitude of solutions into one cohesive environment that can provide the best value and ROI while respecting particular needs of either manufacturing or logistical chains.
With our many partners like Cisco, Zebra,, and others, we are able to implement the full range of technologies from BLE and RFID up to true RTLS (with location services on 5G networks ready to be deployed once coverage and technology stacks of the operators reach industry acceptable levels).

We take pride in our profound expertise in testing for the industry, offering comprehensive quality assurance for products and services specific to this sector. Testing is deeply embedded in our culture, with a continuous commitment to enhancing our knowledge, refining processes, and adopting advanced tools across diverse segments.

At the forefront of the software testing transformation, we leverage AI and automation to achieve optimal performance, streamline processes, and minimise errors. Emphasising precision, we prioritise rigorous quality metrics as benchmarks for excellence, ensuring the delivery of industry-standard solutions. Our holistic approach seamlessly integrates quality into every aspect of your software, guaranteeing robustness and reliability. Experience the Qinshift advantage today.

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We provide a variety of flexible delivery options for your technology projects, including turnkey solutions, team augmentation, team lease, self-managed agile teams, and service outsourcing. Our diverse team comprises experienced professionals and enthusiastic young talents, capable of executing your project utilising cutting-edge technology trends such as cloud computing, DevOps, containerisation, and microservices, ensuring your solutions are practical and easily manageable.
Our IT architects are proficient in integrating data from diverse backend systems, ensuring seamless data flow and accessibility. Tailoring our delivery models to meet your project's specific requirements, you can choose from various options. Our team excels in developing modern solutions with swift and adaptable responses, guaranteeing that the technology stack aligns precisely with your needs.
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Embrace the seamless integration of interconnected devices with Qinshift, enhancing operational efficiency, boosting productivity, and delivering exceptional user experiences. Our approach, centred around human interaction, establishes a harmonious synergy between cutting-edge technology and human-centric design, surpassing traditional models.
Within our fortified IoT ecosystem, leverage real-time data insights to foster data-driven decisions, empowering your workforce to make precise moves. Be confident that our robust and scalable IoT infrastructure safeguards your data from cyber threats.
Embrace the competitive advantage of next-gen IoT implementations and embark on an uncharted trajectory of limitless innovation and growth. With tailored solutions catering to your unique needs, we unleash the transformative power of IoT, propelling your business to unparalleled heights in the digital domain.
With our in-depth knowledge of industry-leading IIoT platforms, we can provide you with the most valuable output for any manager – “single source of truth”. We achieve this by using all available tools from integrations and processes to custom-built extensions that will utilise data that may have been previously siloed or inaccessible.

Our managed services guarantee the continuous excellence of your digital operations. We deliver comprehensive support, covering everything from infrastructure management to security and compliance, allowing organisations in the manufacturing sector to concentrate on their core business activities. Our team, spread across Europe, provides localised support, ensuring seamless operations regardless of your location on the continent.
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No change is easy, particularly in industrial environments that are inherently tidally locked in increasing speed, volume, and quality via traditional automation and technological methods. Lately, it is becoming more and more difficult to find proper gains and fulfil the ROIs with these kinds of projects. That is why we dedicated some of our most brilliant and experienced people to be your -mentors/advisors through the elimination process and digital strategy creation with KPIs and ROI in mind, giving you the ability to see beyond single-department budget restraints and single-use projects or PoCs.

Thanks to our years of experience in various industries, we can help you create your own custom-tailored journey through the treacherous waters of long-term digital strategies and help you drive your projects towards true Future Factory.

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