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Embedded Software Technology Center

Engineering Embedded Solutions for Tomorrow's Technologies

At Qinshift, we specialise in providing tailored embedded systems solutions and expert consultations across various industries, including automotive, IoT systems, industrial, and consumer electronics. With a dedicated team of skilled engineers boasting extensive experience, we offer a comprehensive suite of services covering Embedded Linux, Microcontroller Firmware, RTOS, QT framework development and testing, as well as in-vehicle software development and testing based on AUTOSAR.

How do we work?

Our approach to embedded systems development is designed to achieve your embedded application goals with maximum efficiency and efficacy.

Thorough Technology Stack Assessment
We conduct in-depth analyses periodically to ensure seamless alignment of our embedded solutions with your specific business objectives, while adhering to globally recognised practices, ensuring timely deployment and superior user satisfaction.

Agile Development Methodology
Recognising the rapid evolution of embedded technology demands, we employ an agile development approach. This allows us to swiftly adapt to changes, guaranteeing the delivery of optimal outcomes.

Transparent Project Management
Keep abreast of your project’s progress through our transparent development process, detailed reporting, and clearly defined milestones, ensuring you are always well-informed.

Adoption of Cutting-edge Technologies
As pioneers in embedded technology, we harness advanced tools and methodologies such as RTOS-based development, custom driver development, IoT connectivity solutions, and AUTOSAR-based development. This ensures that your embedded systems remain at the forefront of innovation, security, and efficiency.

Prioritising Security
At Qinshift, safeguarding intellectual property (IP) is of paramount importance in our software development practices. We recognise the critical significance of protecting our clients' valuable digital assets and proprietary information. To this end, we adhere to the highest industry standards, including TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) and ISO 26262 in automotive software. Additionally, we implement robust 'red zoning' practices, a strategic approach that further fortifies our security measures against potential vulnerabilities.

Our Expertise

Our team excels in delivering comprehensive services ranging from Embedded Software Testing & QA, Custom Driver Development, to advanced Connectivity Solutions and RTOS-based Embedded Systems Design & Development.

With a skillset in the automotive domain, our team stands at the forefront of technology and innovation. We pride ourselves on being TISAX compliant, ensuring top-tier information security, and we bring extensive experience in Functional Safety, adhering to the ISO 26262 standards. Our proficiency in the ASPICE standard underscores our commitment to exceptional software development processes. Employing the V-Cycle methodology, combined with an Agile/Scrum approach, we excel in navigating complex project landscapes. Our development expertise extends to AUTOSAR-based development and testing. Our team is not just equipped to meet the dynamic demands of the automotive industry but is also dedicated to setting new benchmarks in quality and innovation.

Our commitment to security standards is not merely about compliance; it's about ensuring the highest level of trust and security for our customers in every project we undertake. With a foundation built on rigorous security protocols and a dedication to IP protection, we are uniquely positioned to deliver software solutions that are not only innovative but also secure and reliable.

Our Service Offering




·     Unit and system-level testing.

·     Automated test framework setup and integration.

·     Performance and stress testing.

·     Regular firmware updates, patch releases, and feature enhancements.

·     Compliance with industry-specific standards.

·     Performance analysis and optimisation strategies.

·     Debugging, troubleshooting, and optimisation post-deployment.

·     Device driver development for custom or proprietary hardware.

·     OS-specific driver development and integration.

·     Secure boot, secure firmware updates, and secure key storage.

·     System architecture design and review.

·     Application development.

·     Embedded systems design best practices.

·     Development and integration of protocols like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, LoRa, Cellular, etc.

·     Communication protocol stack development and optimisation.

·     Network programming.

·     Integration with cloud platforms and IoT protocols.

·     Security solutions for IoT devices.

·      Integration, configuration, and development for popular RTOSs such as FreeRTOS and Zephyr.

·      Task scheduling, inter-task communication, and RTOS optimisation.

·      Firmware development for microcontrollers and microprocessors.

·      Real-time operating system (RTOS) integration and customisation.

·      Bare-metal system development.

·      Optimisation for performance and resource usage.

·      Custom software development for embedded systems.

·     TISAX Compliance: Adherence to the Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange standards, specific to the automotive industry.

·     Functional Safety (ISO 26262): Knowledge and implementation of safety standards for electronic systems in vehicles.

·     ASPICE Standard: Application of the Automotive Software Performance Improvement and Capability dEtermination standard for software development processes.

·     V-Cycle Methodology: Experience in using the V-Cycle model for system development in automotive engineering.

·     Agile/Scrum Approach Experience: Proficiency in Agile methodologies and Scrum framework for project management and software development.

·     AUTOSAR Development: Expertise in Automotive Open System Architecture, including AUTOSAR-based development and Basic Software (BSW) configuration.

·     Requirement Management: Skills in managing and defining software requirements.

·     Software Architectural Design: Capability in designing software architecture for automotive systems.

·     Model-Based Software Component Development: Development of software components using a model-based approach.

·     Software Component (Unit) Testing: Testing individual software components or units.

·     Software Integration: Integrating various software components into a cohesive system.

·     Software Debugging with Lauterbach Tools: Proficiency in debugging software using Lauterbach debugging tools.

·     Software in the Loop (SIL) Testing: Conducting tests by simulating software components in a virtual environment.

·     Hardware in the Loop (HIL) Testing: Testing the integration of hardware and software components in a real-time simulation.

·     Fault Injection (FI) Testing: Testing the system’s ability to handle faults or errors.

·     Software Integration Testing: Verifying the integration of different software modules.

·     Composite Testing: Testing the combination of multiple system components or aspects.

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