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Tech-Powered construction


XER AB is a specialized Swedish consulting company that excels in managing complex construction, infrastructure, and industrial projects. With expertise in project planning, portfolio and project management, they are a certified Oracle Primavera Partner.


Over the past year, Qinshift has successfully worked on two significant projects for XER AB. One project involved the development of a front-end dashboard, facilitating resource allocation and reporting for their project management tool. The second project focused on creating a comprehensive tool for resource availability and allocation, offering features like project timeline display, resource assignment, and reporting. Both projects were seamlessly integrated with Oracle Primavera Web services and Oracle DB.


Qinshift addressed the challenges by assembling a team of skilled developers and User Interface designers who took charge of XER AB's development needs. While the development responsibility rested with Qinshift's team, project management control remained at XER AB's side. Regular communication with the end-client ensured a collaborative approach. 

The projects were executed using cutting-edge technologies, including Angular, RxJs, LESS, NgZorro, Java, SpringBoot, Apache Tomcat, WSDL, Apache CFX, JAX-RS, Lombok, Hibernate, TypeScript, Oracle Primavera, Optimization (Oracle DB), Adobe XD, and Adobe Illustrator. 


Through this collaboration with Qinshift, XER AB gained access to a highly-skilled team equipped with exceptional technical knowledge, expertise, and a strong drive for excellence. The agile team responded swiftly to all product requirements and changing requests, keeping pace with the dynamic market demands. 

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