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Testing as a Service

Outsource testing.
The seamless affair.

Particularly when there is someone on the other side with a sophisticated training system for professional testers. Someone with an innovative approach who can automate things, scale them up and, thanks to Transition's unique methodology, literally take over your testing in a matter of moments. Someone flexible in intensity and size. Someone like us. Actually, exactly us.

How do we work?

We help you get your product to market faster and stay ahead of the competition. While leveraging our expertise and easily scalable testing services you can focus on your core competencies. See how easy it is to get started with us.


Testing as a Service




Our approach begins with a preliminary discussion to define the scope of the service. It is key to establish a clear delineation of what is included and what is excluded, along with a well-defined plan for seamless execution. The main outcome of this phase is a definitive declaration of the areas covered by Testing as a Service (TaaS).


The main objective is to develop a prioritized plan to facilitate the systematic transfer of all systems to the responsible specialist. A knowledge acquisition process is initiated by sharing system documentation and test history data, followed by job shadowing. To ensure smooth coordination, regular communication channels are established to update stakeholders on the progress of the transfer.

For a successful transition, we define the essential elements: a robust quality plan to ensure consistent service delivery, key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure performance, a clear service definition to align expectations, and acceptance criteria to assess service satisfaction.


Flexibility is our greatest advantage. We can align ourselves to any model our customers use and we offer various modes of delivery to meet their expectations. With our large pool of testing specialists, we can assemble the right team in just a few weeks.

Spotting soulmates: Beginning the search

The foundation of success lies in selecting the right talent. We go beyond traditional methods to identify candidates with exceptional potential. We assess not only technical skills but also communication skills and cultural fit. Our inclusive recruitment process ensures that we attract the brightest minds ready to jump on a spectacular career journey.




Our meticulous onboarding process sets the stage for long-term success and ensures a smooth transition for new hires. We pair them with experienced mentors who provide ongoing support, fostering a sense of belonging and growth. Senior colleagues have the insight to recognize their potential, help them chart their career path, maximize their skills and find their passion and area of specialization. We strive to create an environment where individuals can thrive, enjoy their work and have the opportunity to realize their true potential.

Continuous training and skills development are at the heart of our company ethos. To keep abreast of industry trends, we encourage employees to participate in trainings, webinars, workshops, panel discussions and conferences. In addition to technical training and development of soft skills, our in-house courses incorporate diverse topics that foster leisure learning across various domains. Investing in our employees' learning not only enhances their professional growth, but also drives innovation and boosts our company's competitive edge.

Where talent converges, crafting your success story!

  • Providing top-notch solutions and service to meet and surpass expectations.

  • Continuously and multi-genre trained team strengthening your position.

  • Adapting and delivering scalable and flexible solutions.

  • Creativity and liberty transferring innovative ideas into remarkable results.

  • Sharing of knowledge and practical insights from senior testers.

  • Focus on employee development and optimal recruitment.




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