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Achieve unparalleled product quality: Empower Agile QA and DevOps excellence for maximum performance

Our eagle-eyed QA team brings Waterfall, Agile and DevOps processes closer than ever, ensuring top-notch quality for your products. With over 20 years of experience, we have developed a keen eye for distinguishing between good and bad quality, enabling us to detect issues before they impact your budget or schedule.

By outsourcing the QA process to us, you gain access to an experienced team while saving up to 75% of your overall QA budget. Our team blends agile and DevOps seamlessly, facilitating a smooth process for delivering high-quality results.

How do we work?

Execution Excellence: At every stage of your project, we operate under advanced management standards and methodologies like Agile, SCRUM, Kanban, SAFe, MSF, MCITP, PRINCE, ISTQB. This ensures that we meet and exceed your project management quality expectations.

Quick Ramp-up: We understand the need for prompt project initiation. With our streamlined processes, we can rapidly set up QA teams within days, allowing you to start your project without delay.

DNA in Testing: Testing is ingrained in our DNA. Since our inception, we have continuously focused on improving our testing knowledge, processes, and tools across various segments. This commitment to enhancing our expertise ensures that we provide the highest level of quality assurance for your products.

Verified Transition Process: When you entrust us with your quality assurance, you can have confidence in our proven takeover process. We have a well-established framework for seamlessly integrating into your company, ensuring a smooth transition and adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Our expertise

We excel at every approach that exists in the field of testing and that has been used, is currently in use, and shows promise for the future in providing a complete overview of the development and control of products and services in any area needed to successfully launch and operate software solutions.




  • Full-Stack Test Engineers

  • In-depth understanding of various domain application landscapes

  • Expertise in system testing from requirement/user story analysis to release delivery

  • Comprehensive testing of system functionalities, use cases, and critical scenarios

  • Testing of cloud solutions

  • Test management

  • Automation Engineers

  • Advisory services for automation strategies and feasibility assessments

  • Designing and building automation frameworks from scratch for web and desktop applications (UI and APIs)

  • Taking over existing automation frameworks for web and desktop applications

  • Test automation management

  • Automation engineers

  • Creation of RPA solution using test automation

  • Requirement analysis, Identification of RPA scope

  • Integration with other third-party tools (spreadsheets, XML, documents, databases, report tools, etc.)

  • Build the RPA scope

  • RPA Reporting - Content & Publishing

  • DevOps/Automation engineers

  • Integrate automation solutions in CI/CD pipelines

  • CI/CD solution analysis

  • Configure CI/CD pipelines to run automated tests after releases/builds

  • Configure CI/CD pipelines to run scheduled automated tests

  • CI/CD Reporting - Content & Publishing

  • Utilize IaC model in reproducing production-like environment

  • Migration QA experts

  • Analyze business and compliance risks of systems being migrated

  • Identify likely sources of migration errors

  • Define migration test strategy

  • Migration testing reporting

  • Migration verification:
    Data comparison: Comparing data of legacy and target system
    Verification of data: Ensuring data is migrated accurately and completely
    Progression testing: Testing all existing and new flows in target systems

  • Performance QA experts

  • Analyze systems to identify performance tests required

  • Identify, establish and approve relevant test environment

  • Plan and design performance tests

  • Run, analyze, tune and rerun tests

  • Performance reporting

  • Mobile app and Mobile Web QA engineers

  • Advice clients on Mobile devices fragmentation and devices to be covered

  • Advice clients on Test app distribution

  • Testing on wide range of physical devices and/or device farm physical devices

  • Detailed test reports

  • Test consultancy and coaching

  • Test coaches

  • Support teams & projects in coming up with right test strategy

  • Selecting test tools

  • Facilitating testing collaboration with other teams

  • Establishing proper test metrics

  • Facilitating discussions aimed at establishing “readiness for release”

  • Proactively finding pain and improvement points in the testing processes

  • Identifying and creating content for testing training needs

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