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Digital tickets without requirements for an app

The concept

Many countries, regions, PTA’s or ticketing solution vendors have defined mobile ticketing specifications where security measures using cryptographic models are used to achieve protection against ticket duplication. One example is the Swedish BoB standard, that has been in existence for several years and is now implemented by most PTAs in Sweden.  

To maintain the security against ticket duplication, tickets are often displayed in an app as an Aztec code, which can be optically read and automatically validated by a device. Tickets can also be represented as paper tickets using the same standard but then lack copy protection. 

When there is a need to digitally distribute secure, non-copyable tickets, the customer therefore needs to have an app installed. This is too high of a threshold for some passenger groups to achieve sufficient simplicity and accessibility. WebTickets is a concept that removes the requirement for the traveler to have an app installed to obtain and use a secure, non-copyable ticket.

What it is

WebTickets is a solution where unique links are distributed to recipients via SMS or e-mail, and where secure digital public transport tickets can be used by the traveller without the requirement of an installed app. The solution integrates with the ticketing system by using the ticketing systems APIs. In Sweden the solution uses APIs based on the national BoB standard and the rendering of tickets are based on the same standard that has built-in copy protection.  

As seen in the image below, the solution includes sales channels such as the web application for "Group and Event”, where users can create lists and send out SMS with corresponding tickets to groups of travellers. The solution also offers APIs that can be used by other sales channels, such as websites, ticket vending machines or digital resellers.

Web Ticketing Infographic

What it does

WebTickets creates unique links and distributes them to users via SMS with corresponding tickets and it gives the traveller an opportunity to receive and open a link on their phone or computer and access their ticket without having an app installed.  

The tickets contain multiple elements of security, including both an inner and an outer signature, used for validating authenticity and for copy protection respectively.  

Web Ticketing

How it can be used


Group and Event

A tool where the user can create or upload recipients and then send an SMS to a group of people who are going to participate in an event with a link to a ticket.



Digital Retailers

Retailers can, by integrating with the WebTickets APIs, sell tickets and distribute them via SMS, which also enables the sale of tickets for users who do not have their own app.

Digital Retailers


Physical retailers

Retailers or representatives who sell tickets can, by integrating their own systems with the solution, distribute tickets to the customer via SMS instead of, for example, linking them to a travel card, which reduces the need for specific hardware in stores.

Physical Rtaliers


Business solutions

Distributing tickets via SMS, including Group and Event functionality, can be implemented in business solutions to increase simplicity and accessibility for the B2B market.


Business Solution



An opportunity for the traveller to buy and send a ticket via SMS with a link, instead of linking it to a travel card or sending it to an app.



Ticket vending machines

In ticket vending machines, this can be a way to distribute the ticket to the traveller instead of requiring a travel card or printing a copyable ticket on paper.

Ticket and Vending Machine


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