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WebTickets solution implemented for Östgötatrafiken


Östgötatrafiken is a leading Public Transport Authority (PTA) in Sweden, responsible for public transport in Östergötland, a region in south-east of Sweden.


Enhancing ticket accessibility without lowering security standards.

The Swedish public transportation sector, governed by the BoB standard for secure mobile tickets, faced a significant hurdle: the necessity for passengers to have an installed app to use non-copyable tickets.

This requirement proved to be a barrier for certain passenger groups, undermining the simplicity and accessibility of public transportation. In this case, Östgötatrafiken’s goal of achieving widespread ticket accessibility while maintaining security against ticket duplication was affected.


Qinshift stepped in with the WebTickets concept, an approach that eliminated the app requirement for secure ticket access. The solution harnessed the power of unique link distribution via SMS, allowing passengers to access their tickets on any device without prior app installation. WebTickets integrated seamlessly with the existing BoB standard, maintaining the highest levels of ticket security through cryptographic models and built-in copy protection.

Key features

  • Group and Event Web Application: Facilitated the distribution of tickets to groups via SMS, streamlining ticket access for events and group travel.
  • End-to-End Security and Accessibility: Ensured that tickets remained protected against duplication while being easily accessible to a wider audience, including those without access to or preference for smartphone apps.


Enhanced accessibility and simplicity of use.

The successful launch of WebTickets marks a significant milestone in making public transportation more accessible and user-friendly. By eliminating the need for a proprietary app, Östgötatrafiken has set a new standard in ticketing convenience, potentially transforming how public transportation is accessed across Sweden and beyond.

The implementation of WebTickets paves the way for further innovations in public transportation. We are excited about the potential to expand and adapt this solution, making public transport more accessible.