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Breakfast workshop: Shifting the Future of Sustainable Logistics

Event details


Qinshift office, Lilla Nygatan 7, Malmö



Friday, 2 February 2024



8:00 - 9:30



Four speakers, Swedish language


About this event

This isn’t just another typical morning gathering – it’s an opportunity to engage in dynamic discussions, discover cutting-edge solutions, and connect with leading peers in the industry.

At the start, you will enjoy a delicious breakfast over a short panel discussion that dives into the intriguing realm of sustainable logistics and how we can reshape the landscape of future transportation. The panel discussion will be followed by an interactive discussion at your table where we'll collectively tackle critical questions, providing actionable solutions to some of the industry's most pressing challenges.


• 8:00 Welcome and breakfast

• 8:15 Panel discussion (30 minutes)

• 8:45 Interactive discussion (30 minutes)

• 9:15 Wrap-up

What will we discuss?

Join us as we explore key issues related to sustainability in the transportation & logistics sector.
Listen in and contribute with firsthand accounts of both successful and maybe not-so-successful change initiatives. Together, let's tackle the urgent need to transform to meet market demands – weigh in on discussions on common opportunities, risks and challenges.

Connect with the best in the business
To help facilitate the discussions, our expert panelists, who bring extensive experience in pioneering sustainable practices, will share insights gained from their leading roles in companies such as Elonroad, Malmö LBC, Frigoscandia, and Qinshift.

Enjoy personal accounts on how years of driving change projects, creating innovative business models, and leading high-performance teams in the sustainability context have affected their value chains and supplier<->customer partnerships over the years.

Talking points:

•    Legislation - EU CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive)
How to deal with increased reporting of sustainability KPIs?

•    Operational & customer excellence 
Growing pull for sustainable transport yet stagnant willingness to pay.

•    Data & AI’s inevitable effects on our ecosystem
How do we put ourselves in the driver’s seat?

Gain new perspectives on your challenges
After the introductory panel discussion, you are invited to participate in a table-by-table discussion, where you are encouraged to share your biggest challenges on these and related topics. The panel will facilitate and weigh in with their expertise and additional perspectives.
Need more convincing? 
This isn't just a regular event - it's a chance to redefine the future of transportation & logistics. We're bringing you together as opinion leaders, igniting the spark for fresh approaches to building a more sustainable tomorrow.

Don't miss out – be part of shifting your industry!


Breakfast workshop: Shifting the Future of Sustainable Logistics

 Anders Jonsson

 Experienced Industry Leader and Management Consultant

    Ander Jonsson 

 Anders has over 30 years of experience in various roles and industries, particularly excelling in  the logistics and transportation sector. His strategic mindset, deep theoretical knowledge, and  proven track record of operational success, combined with sharp analytical skills and an amiable personality, make him a true swiss-army-knife in the realm of sustainability.


Sofia Hanfelt

Senior Procurement Manager, Frigoscandia

    Sofia Hanfelt

As senior procurement manager at Frigoscandia, Sofia actively contributes to driving sustainability initiatives by leading large and long-term environmental investments. The results for this has shown to be successful as Frigoscandia 2023 won the Transport Companies' sustainability award.



Frank Christensen

Business Consultant, Qinshift


Frank is one of Qinshift’s business consultants who helps our clients to navigate in-between strategy and technology. He has an extensive experience from the manufacturing and logistics industry. Over the years he have had multiple roles within the industry, ranging from IT, Quality, Risk to operations, maintenance and facilities, cross a wast range of companies such as SAS, DHL and Haldex.



Karin Ebbinghaus

CEO, Elonroad


Karin is the CEO of Elonroad and has during the last 4 years been part of their journey to pioneering sustainable logistics through their high-tech electric road concept. Karin's expertise lies in driving change projects, creating innovative business models, and leading high-performance teams.


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