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Managed Security Services

Safeguard your business through Managed Security Solutions


Our Managed Security services are tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses of all sizes. Our primary focus is protecting your most valuable assets - the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information & data and the stability of your technology and systems that drive your core business. Through our flexible service model, we shape our offerings to suit your unique requirements.

How do we work?

We implement intelligent security:

·        24x7 operation, maintenance & incident handling with availability of experienced professionals

·        Cybersecurity expertise to handle complex security concerns

·        Adherence to the highest global standards in data security and IT services

·        Management system compliant practices

·        Access to a vast knowledge base of certified and skilled experts

We focus on core business:

·        Enhancing service quality and improve core business operations

·        Utilizing the expertise of highly specialized security professionals providing round-the-clock coverage

·        Improving security service quality and streamline processes

·        Predicting cost structure for information security services

·        Meeting strict compliance demands

Our Expertise

We offer comprehensive Vulnerability Management & Penetration testing services to safeguard your business.

Penetration tests and Security analysis: Thorough evaluation of your architecture, setup and evaluating security flaws and threats in both internal and external environment, with different approach (black box, grey box and white box testing)

Analysis of business systems and applications: Identifying vulnerabilities, potential risks & threats within your critical systems and their external security posture in regards to security.

Customized services: Tailoring our solutions to address your specific needs based on customer requests.

We help ensure your business meets regulatory requirements through effective Compliance Management.

ISO Standards: ISO27001, ISO22301, ISO20000 – implementation and internal audit related to ISO Standards and best on the market approach on implementing compliance with Security.

PCI/DSS compliance scanning: Conducting scans to ensure compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Adherence to legislative demands: Staying up-to-date with relevant laws and regulations affecting your industry.

Compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation: Ensuring your data handling practices align with GDPR and other privacy laws, requirements and best practices.

ICS Controls: Implementing industry-standard controls to safeguard your critical infrastructure.

Our Threat Management services offer continuous monitoring and protection for your business ecosystem.

Independent, full-service security monitoring: Ongoing surveillance and threat detection across your entire infrastructure.

Development, testing, and implementation of incident response plans: Creating robust plans to mitigate and address security incidents.

Identification of potential vulnerabilities and security threats: Proactively identifying weaknesses and potential risks within your systems.

Root cause analysis and business impact assessments: Investigating security incidents to determine underlying causes and evaluate their impact on your business.

Protect your business from potential threats and maintain the highest level of security with Qinshift. Let our experts handle your cybersecurity needs, enabling you to focus on your core objectives.




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