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Elasticsearch as a Service

Simplify Elasticsearch management with Elasticsearch-as-a-Service


Managing and maintaining an Elastic stack environment with Elasticsearch specialists can be costly and resource-intensive. At Qinshift, we offer Elasticsearch-as-a-Service, providing you with a dedicated team of Elasticsearch experts for consultancy, support and management. With our flexible service, you benefit from their expertise without the overhead of training, absences, or high costs. Pay only for the effort provided and the work done.

Our Expertise:

Consultancy for Architecture Design: Improve the design of your Elasticsearch architecture with expert guidance and best practices.

Configuration of Elasticsearch Features: Utilize the full potential of Elasticsearch by configuring its features, including security, APM (Application Performance Monitoring), and Machine learning.

Elastic Stack Installation and Configuration: Smoothly set up and automate the installation and configuration of your Elastic stack, whether on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

Monitoring and Alerting: Ensure the performance and availability of your Elasticsearch system with proactive monitoring and agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Proactive Task Execution: Stay ahead of potential issues by proactive detection of trends, patterns and logs per domain, as well as preventive measures to optimize your Business and Elasticsearch environment.

Automation, Agility and AIops: Benefit from optimized automation with Ansible, advanced and multi-metric Machine Learning detection/analysis/action, as well as targeted anomaly detection.

Performance Tuning: Fine-tune your Elasticsearch setup for optimal performance and responsiveness.

Backup and Data Retention Automation: Automate backup and data retention processes to ensure data integrity and compliance.

Regular Elastic Stack Patching: Keep your Elastic stack up to date with regular patching to address security vulnerabilities and leverage new features.

Migrations: Seamlessly migrate your Elasticsearch system to new environments or versions.

24x7 On-Call Support: Benefit from round-the-clock support for any Elasticsearch-related issues or emergencies.

Up-to-Date Documentation and Best Practices: Access comprehensive documentation and best practices to leverage Elasticsearch effectively.




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