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Cloud & On-premise Hosting

Drive business success with Next-Generation Cloud and On-Premise Hosting solutions


We offer comprehensive Cloud and On-premise Hosting services with varying support levels and availability. Our dedicated implementation and consulting team collaborates closely with you to deliver tailored solutions, including new system design, integration, upgrade, migration, and hosting for dedicated and cloud services. We prioritize virtualization, scalability, and Content Delivery Network (CDN) to optimize your hosting experience.

Our Expertise:

Cloud Services

·        Seamless infrastructure and data implementations of cloud and on-prem hosted environments.

·        Cloud/On-prem hosted migration services for smooth transition and minimal disruptions.

·        Expert cloud consulting to maximize the potential of your cloud investments.

·        Flexible and scalable solutions to adapt to your evolving business needs.

·        Cost savings and optimization strategies to drive efficiency.

·        Multiple levels of management options for enhanced business agility.

·        Roadmaps and proof-of-concepts to guide your cloud journey.

·        Cloud Managed Services with operations and support for AWS, Azure, and other platforms.

·        Guaranteed service levels ensuring consistent application performance.

·        Enhanced security through global delivery and comprehensive cloud security measures.

·        Infrastructure as Code (IaC) practices to streamline deployment and management processes.

Partner with Qinshift to unlock the full potential of Cloud and On-premise Hosting. Our team of experts will ensure smooth operations, enhanced performance, and flexibility to drive your business forward.




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