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Qinshift' Platinum Partner


The Platinum partnership between Atlassian and Qinshift was born from our shared conviction in the immense potential of teamwork. Our mission is to empower teams worldwide to elevate their customer service by crafting innovative software solutions tailored to their industry.

Discover how Qinshift can seamlessly guide you through the efficient migration of your Atlassian Cloud or Data Center story, ensuring a disruption-free experience.

Plan, track & support

Effortlessly plan, track, and provide support for a harmonious work environment.

Collaborate & Chat

Stay connected and boost productivity with collaborative chat features.

Code, build & ship

Streamline coding, building, and shipping of software projects for exceptional results.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Simplify access management with seamless login across Atlassian tools.

Alert, act & respond

React swiftly to critical situations with our alert system.

What can Qinshift do for you?

As a Platinum Partner, Qinshift offers unmatched support in installing, optimizing, and utilizing Atlassian products. Customize your workspace, benefit from our dedicated support, and ensure smooth operations. Discover our key services:

·        Enhancing your Atlassian experience to precisely suit your unique requirements.

·        Merging: Streamline collaboration by merging instances.

·        Instance separation: Maintain data integrity between teams/projects.

·        Installation & configuration: Expert assistance for Confluence and Service Desk.

·        Implementation of Asset Management: centralize your data and make it work for You.

·        OpsGenie setup: integrate and monitor your system from one place with countless automation possibilities.

·        Atlassian licensing: Simplify licensing for maximum ROI.

·        Atlassian apps: Enhance functionality with powerful integrations.

Qinshift empowers your team, driving collaboration and productivity. Contact us to unlock Atlassian's full potential.




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