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Data & AI shift

Business Consultancy services

Harnessing the power of Data-Driven transformation

Experience a quick shift towards a data and AI-centric culture, strategically positioning them as your most critical assets. Embrace a sustainable approach that achieves more with fewer resources. Identify and package data products to promote transparency, accessibility, and improved decision-making, ultimately creating value.

At Qinshift, we're committed to excellence, effectiveness, and speed in all our operations. We're not just here to offer technological solutions and consultancy services; we're here to make sure you derive tangible business value from our partnership.

Here's how we do that:

Use Case Assessment

Our industry experts use their know-how to assess your organization's challenges and needs by evaluating your current use of data and information. We identify potential use cases that align with your goals, providing a solid foundation for data-driven decision-making.

Creating a Plan and Roadmap

In collaboration with your team, we prioritize the identified use cases and categorize them into application services or data products. Based on the identified use cases and other findings, we develop a roadmap and a plan to guide your organization towards becoming data driven. 

Guiding you in all aspects

Our service includes an outline of technology assets needed based on the use cases as well as an outline of business capabilities central to do the shift. Your future data products will be described on domain level ready for realization.

Data Governance

Leveraging our expertise and the insights gleaned from our assessment, we assist you in developing robust practices for managing information within your organization while ensuring compliance. Data governance and security are seamlessly integrated throughout the process, safeguarding your data's integrity.

How do we work?

Qinshift is your partner in becoming AI-ready. Together, we'll elevate your decision-making processes, and steer your organization towards a future powered by data-driven transformation.

By deeply understanding our clients' unique operational challenges and goals, we leverage our expertise to not only provide innovative technological solutions but also to optimize and streamline their existing processes, thereby ensuring that our clients derive meaningful and sustainable benefits from our partnership. 




Our expertise

After years of experience from managing data-driven shifts, we know that the success of the shift is heavily dependent on the people and the organization. We understand the importance of using change management to ensure success. We focus on well used methodologies to ensure the best outcomes for your data-driven shifts. 

We specialize in helping you identify data products that not only align with your business objectives but also deliver tangible value. Our experts meticulously craft business cases to ensure that every data product we develop is strategically sound and offers a clear return on investment.  

Effective data governance is the bedrock of any successful data strategy. We provide comprehensive solutions for data and information governance, ensuring that your data is accurate, secure, and compliant with regulatory requirements. Our robust governance framework safeguards your data assets and promotes data quality. 

Navigating the AI landscape can be complex. Our AI readiness evaluation services assess your organization's current capabilities and infrastructure to determine its readiness for AI adoption. We offer tailored recommendations and roadmaps to help you embark on your AI journey with confidence. 

We understand the importance of delivering quick wins in the data and AI space. Our team excels at identifying use cases that yield rapid results, allowing you to demonstrate the value of your data investments sooner. We focus on high-impact, low-effort projects to kickstart your data journey. 

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