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Different AdTech & MarTech development services

AdTech & MarTech Development Services for the Companies of Tomorrow

Custom AdTech & MarTech Development

Although there are thousands of existing advertising and marketing platforms on the market, there are some companies that require custom-built solutions to fit their specific requirements, integrate with their other internal systems, and deliver value to their stakeholders and clients. Our experienced AdTech & MarTech development teams can partner with you to design and build custom AdTech & MarTech platforms for a range of business use cases and digital channels.

Why build custom AdTech & MarTech platforms?

By building instead of renting or buying, companies can:

·        Save money on commissions and fees paid to third-party platforms.

·        Ensure the software they build seamlessly integrates with their internal systems.

·        Own the codebase and intellectual property (IP).

·        Have full control over the product roadmap and only build features that meet their requirements and add value.

·        Create new revenue streams by adding the custom-built AdTech or MarTech platform to their client offering.

·        Safeguard their data by allowing other companies, e.g. advertisers, to use it for audience targeting and measurement without it ever leaving their organisation.

Who benefits from building custom AdTech & MarTech platforms?

All types of companies can benefit from building custom AdTech & MarTech platforms, including:

·        Tech companies

·        Publishers and media companies

·        Advertising agencies

·        Retail companies

·        Enterprises

·        Telecommunications companies

AdTech & MarTech Integrations

If you have an existing AdTech or MarTech platform, or are building one, then our teams can work with you to integrate it with existing third-party platforms to help you increase your revenue by accessing more inventory, demand, and data.

The main use cases of AdTech & MarTech integrations

Integrating your existing software with other AdTech, MarTech and data platforms allows you to:

·        Buy and sell digital media via real-time bidding (RTB).

·        Create more detailed and accurate audiences by importing data from data platforms.

·        Add new demand sources in a header bidding setup.

·        Create reporting and analytics dashboards by importing data from different platforms.

·        Build campaign management platforms, meta-DSPs and meta-SSPs.

The AdTech & MarTech integrations process

The general process of integrating your software with other tools and platforms includes:

1.     Defining your technical requirements and business goals.

2.     Gathering the documentation from the company you want to integrate with.

3.     Setting up the integration, e.g. via a server-to-server integration and APIs.

4.     Testing the integration to ensure that the connections work and data is being received.

Cloud-Computing Infrastructure Optimization

If your existing AdTech, MarTech or data platform is experiencing performance issues, then our team can work with you to improve performance and save costs by optimising your software’s cloud-computing infrastructure. We can work on all the major cloud-computing providers — AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) — plus many other infrastructure tools and services.

Our core services and benefits

Our cloud-computing infrastructure optimisation services can help you:

·        Improve the performance, scalability and stability of your software.

·        Save costs by reducing or optimising your software’s cloud-computing services.

·        Increase the speed of your software by optimising the codebase.

Use cases of our services

Our cloud-computing infrastructure optimisation services can be used to:

·        Improve your AdTech platform’s ability to receive and respond to bid requests during real-time bidding (RTB) auctions — applicable to supply-side platforms (SSPs), ad exchanges, and demand-side platforms (DSPs).

·        Increase the number of available instances of your AdTech, MarTech or data platform, allowing you to onboard more clients and users.

·        Decrease the time it takes to generate reports — useful for data platforms, reporting dashboards, and analytics tools.



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