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In a groundbreaking move, Atlassian has officially welcomed Artificial Intelligence (AI) to its platform. Driven by a mission to unleash the potential of every team, Atlassian believes that the future of effective teamwork lies in a symbiotic partnership between humans and AI. As of now, AI capabilities are generally available across Atlassian's key products, including Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Management and Bitbucket.

The journey toward integrating AI into Atlassian's ecosystem began in April when the company announced its ambitious plans to leverage two decades of insights gained from millions of software, IT, and business teams. The goal was clear: to transform teamwork by showcasing how humans and AI can co-create seamlessly.

The response to Atlassian's AI initiative has been nothing short of extraordinary. During the beta program, nearly 10% of Atlassian's vast customer base, totaling over 265,000 customers, utilized Atlassian Intelligence. Early users have reported significant benefits, highlighting the transformative impact AI has had on their day-to-day operations.

Positioning AI as your favorite coworker

The first wave of Atlassian Intelligence capabilities is now generally available on the cloud platform, committing to accelerate individual productivity and enhance teamwork. At the core of these capabilities is the integration of generative AI in the editor, allowing users to instantly create user stories within Jira Software, adjust the tone of customer responses in Jira Service Management, and generate content in Confluence.

Other features available today include AI-powered summaries in Confluence and natural language automation in Confluence (coming soon to Jira Software). Additionally, AI definitions in Confluence aim to demystify company-specific concepts and acronyms, enhancing overall collaboration on an organizational level.

Vlatko Bojkovski, Technical Lead, Managed Services, when questioned about what utilizing Atlassian Intelligence means for our clients in terms of productivity expressed, "Atlassian's pioneering move in integrating Artificial Intelligence into their platform is a game-changer for our clients. It signifies a shift towards a future where technology becomes an irreplaceable ally in maximizing productivity and fostering innovation. The seamless co-creation between humans and AI is a testament to Atlassian's commitment to empowering teams."

Taking key insights from your Data

Atlassian Intelligence goes beyond boosting individual productivity - it enables teams to extract actionable insights from data rapidly. The introduction of natural language to JQL in Jira Software and Jira Work Management allows users to find issues and dependencies effortlessly. Similarly, natural language to SQL opens up robust insights in Atlassian Analytics to every team member, fostering a deeper understanding of key business metrics. Q&A search in Confluence and Compass will offers a more interactive and context-rich search experience, allowing users to ask questions about projects, workflows, policies, processes, and technology stacks.

Introducing – the Virtual Agent

The virtual agent, launched for Jira Service Management, exemplifies Atlassian's commitment to reducing human workload while maintaining service quality. The specialized AI-powered virtual teammate responds to help requests on Slack, paving the way for more specialized virtual teammates in the future.

Request type suggestions in Jira Service Management simplify the creation of request types. Looking ahead, Atlassian plans to introduce a Bitbucket code reviewer that uses AI to review pull request diffs and provide automatic suggestions, allowing human reviewers more time to focus on critical changes.

As Atlassian continues to unveil AI capabilities, it marks only the beginning of what's possible in transforming teamwork. By integrating virtual teammates at every stage of the workflow, teams gain a significant advantage. AI becomes the driving force that propels work forward, ensuring teams operate at an elevated level of efficiency.