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With its innovative services ranging from business development to AI, automation, and data analytics, Qinshift is on its way to redefining the European telecom market. 

“After an extensive transformation, we are ready to offer our customers even greater opportunities”, says Toni Trpkovski, CTO, Managed Services.

 By streamlining business workflows and stimulating growth, digitization and AI can profoundly transform organizations. This September, Seavus and Stratiteq are merging to create Qinshift, aiming to strengthen their support to telecom customers by offering innovative solutions.

“We are consolidating our experiences and knowledge, on both a global and regional level and are now on our way to becoming a world-class technology company with a focus on people, sustainability, and customers, “says Toni Trpkovski, CTO, Managed Services at Qinshift. 

Transforming businesses

Qinshift has expertise in business consulting, software development, UI/UX design and more, with a focus on the innovative telecom sector. The aim is to be the leading choice for European companies looking to use technology to transform their businesses through organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

Liselott Lading, Head of Business Consultancy at Qinshift, believes that AI is now crucial for survival. She emphasizes that instead of following the hype, companies should focus on their business challenges and explore how AI can streamline processes, solve complex tasks too difficult for a human to oversee, increase quality, and identify fraud.

 -Qinshift is currently engaged in a project aimed at harnessing AI to effectively identify the roots causes of IT-related issues in significantly reduced timeframes compared to previous methods. Failing to leverage these cutting-edge technologies could potentially expose your organization to competitive disadvantages, as rival companies and emerging market players are likely to embrace their advancements to propel their business operations forward. This, in turn, could leave your business at risk of failing behind in the fast-paced tech-driven landscape.

AI-ready in seven steps

In the journey to achieve AI readiness, Lading places a strong emphasis on the significance of work practices and procedures, particularly in larger organizations characterized by traditional processes. A thorough review of strategy, infrastructure, competence, business processes, and IT security is necessary.

-There are seven steps you need to go through to become AI-ready:

 • Recognize the need.

 • Don’t shy away from complex issues that need to be solved.

 • Focus on change management.

 • Include people who want and need to learn more.

 • Expect a complex but rewarding journey.

 • Redefine your roadmap for your digital ecosystem and start projects that bring quick returns.

 Qinshift provides streamlined services designed to assist customers in navigating the digital era effectively. Trpkovski emphasizes the focus on renewing existing systems, looking for cost-effective solutions and introducing innovation within their teams.

“We are a partner that supports, develops, and promotes innovation in our customer-focused processes. Together with the company management, we aim to modernize the telecom sector using methods from other countries. In the future, when you think of AI in telecom, you will think of Qinshift,” he concludes.

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