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How Business consultancy transformed Hyperoptic's operational excellence


Hyperoptic is a UK-based broadband provider, boasting over 2000 employees. The company is renowned for its operational efficiency in the IT sector.


Despite Hyperoptic's strong operational foundation, the company sought additional improvements to further enhance their efficiency. To address this challenge, Hyperoptic collaborated with Business Consultants from Qinshift.


Leveraging our diverse consultancy experience and proven track record, Qinshift's Business Consultants embarked on a transformative journey with Hyperoptic. The goal was to drive operational excellence, optimize project outcomes, and elevate the customer experience within the telecom industry.

Qinshift achieved the following key accomplishments:

Establishing Enhanced Business Acceptance Testing Processes: By introducing new processes, templates, and best practices, we fortified Hyperoptic's ability to ensure smooth project deployments and exceptional service quality.

Streamlining Vendor Management for Quality Delivery: We optimized vendor management practices to maximize the quality and efficiency of service delivery, enabling Hyperoptic to maintain its competitive edge.

Successful Data Systems Transformation: Qinshift successfully guided and ensured the seamless completion of a critical data systems transformation program, revolutionizing how Hyperoptic operates and serves its customers.


Enhanced Operational Efficiency: With our consultancy expertise, Hyperoptic experienced a significant boost in operational efficiency, resulting in optimized processes and resource allocation.

Improved Customer Experience: The streamlined operations and data systems transformation positively impacted the customer experience, fostering increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Strong Market Positioning: By consistently delivering operational excellence, Hyperoptic strengthened its position in the competitive telecom industry, attracting more customers and opportunities for growth.

Through our partnership, Hyperoptic unlocked the full potential of their operational excellence, solidifying their position as a leading broadband provider in the UK and setting the stage for continued success and expansion.