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Enhancing Financial Management for Region Skåne


Region Skåne, the third-largest administrative region in Sweden, employs 30,000 people to deliver public healthcare and transportation services to a population of 1.4 million individuals. 


Revolutionizing Financial Operations

Prior to Qinshift's involvement, Region Skåne's Habilitation and Assistive Technology administration confronted the insurmountable challenges posed by an outdated support system. Users were plagued by the system's unwieldiness, unreliability, and inefficiency, all of which collectively sowed the seeds of erratic and inconclusive data – a serious impediment to their daily undertakings. The daunting task of generating reports and rendering vital data comprehensible for insightful analysis and strategic determinations further compounded their predicament. Eager to surmount these complexities and usher in a new era of efficiency, Region Skåne's financial department sought an innovative, dependable, and future-proof solution that harmonized seamlessly with their data-driven objectives.


 A Paradigm shift in financial management

In response to the multifaceted challenges confronted by Region Skåne, Qinshift embarked on a meticulously crafted strategy. Initial stages of the project saw Qinshift conduct qualitative interviews, collaborating closely with managers and controllers to discern precise requisites and preferences. Subsequent workshops, conducted in active partnership with the financial department, yielded invaluable insights that steered content creation and layout determinations. The outcome manifested as a repository of well-documented protocols, reports, and instructional guides tailored specifically for the administration's needs. Data integrity received a major boost through systematic updates, guaranteeing a foundation of reliable information. Pioneering techniques were seamlessly integrated to empower managers with data-driven acumen, propelling smarter decision-making. The pièce de résistance emerged in the form of an advanced visualization layer, coalescing pertinent insights onto a single, easily comprehensible interface for each managerial role. The resulting solution garnered overwhelming acclaim, paving the way for a widespread implementation that revolutionized Region Skåne's operational landscape.


Collaboration with Qinshift brought forth a transformational voyage for Region Skåne's financial administration. The antiquated challenges that once stifled efficiency were replaced with a meticulously tailored, contemporary solution that empowered users across all tiers. The newfound accessibility to accurate, visualized data streamlined the decision-making process, fostering a culture of data-driven precision. By seamlessly integrating modern technologies with tailored managerial insights, the solution eliminated bottlenecks, amplifying productivity and efficacy. This monumental shift reinvigorated Region Skåne's financial operations, underscoring the manifold benefits of a collaborative approach that prioritizes innovation, precision, and excellence.