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Embedded Development

Advanced Embedded solutions for a connected world

Embedded development

At Qinshift, we believe that embedded forms the bedrock of modern innovation. Our team is dedicated to creating robust, safe, and stable systems where hardware and software seamlessly coexist. With years of experience, we have honed our expertise in developing practical embedded solutions for various industries. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, delivering products that drive operational excellence, reduce costs, and accelerate time-to-market.

Enhancing device efficiency through Embedded development

When you partner with us, you gain access to a team of experts who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of embedded solutions. At Qinshift, we infuse soul into technology through our cutting-edge embedded development services. Our approach is rooted in customer satisfaction and operational excellence. We offer end-to-end custom-designed systems tailored to your specific needs, so you can achieve cost reductions and innovation while focusing on what truly matters: your customers' satisfaction.

Our Embedded expertise

At Qinshift, we are at the forefront of the embedded industry, leading the way in offering tailor-made solutions to meet diverse demands and rapidly evolving product lifecycles. Our wealth of experience and knowledge empowers companies to reduce costs, increase revenue, and stay competitive. Whether it's designing embedded automation solutions or optimizing core company systems, we thrive on innovation, driving success for your business.

Shopping Cart Helper:

We take pride in our NFC-based electronic shopping cart device that transforms the retail experience. Acting as a shopping assistant, it provides real-time product information and promotions, simplifying the checkout process for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Payment Terminal:

Our advanced payment terminal ensures precise cash control, tax calculations, and detailed stock status, making it indispensable for businesses seeking efficiency and secure financial management.

Gaming Console:

The STM-based gaming console is our brainchild, designed to provide children and toddlers with a cost-effective and user-friendly gaming experience. With a range of input devices and feedback mechanisms, this console offers endless entertainment for young minds.

Wearable Gadget Project:

Monitoring and detecting various body parameters, our wearable gadget delivers a comprehensive health and fitness tracking experience. With wireless communication and smart features, it empowers users to lead healthier lives.

Android for Embedded Development:

Qinshift offers an array of cutting-edge embedded services, ranging from Board Support Package (BSP) provision to platform porting. Our skilled team, bolstered by an established development process and a network of expert consultants, is adept at tailoring solutions to meet every client's requirements. These Embeddroid services extend to higher-level Android platform solutions, encompassing application development and user interface enhancements, culminating in complete client satisfaction.


In the automotive sector, we envision vehicles as the ultimate mobile devices, and by harnessing the Android platform's potential, we can make them smarter. Our goal is to collaborate with device manufacturers, content providers, and service providers, redefining the future of automobiles as an extension of the consumer's connected lifestyle. Introducing Android OS into the driving experience empowers users by integrating features such as car control systems, on-board GPS and navigation, system monitoring, diagnostics, and infotainment.


In the realm of consumer electronics, the market's rapid evolution due to personal mobile devices has transformed communication and media sharing. As a pioneer in the industry, Qinshift is equipped to tackle challenges faced by device makers, including cost reduction, unique user interfaces, and seamless integration with other systems. Our Android for Embedded services unlock the platform's full potential, enabling the creation of novel and tailored Android experiences for end-users.


Looking to the future of home appliances, we take pride in leading the charge in embedding Android into users' homes. Our creative and innovative approach transforms the Android Platform into an efficient household appliance operating system. We envision a world where everyday appliances seamlessly integrate with mobile devices, enhancing functionalities and surpassing user expectations. By infusing white and brown goods with Android capabilities, we bring an exciting new dimension to the home appliance landscape.

Machine Vision:
Safety is paramount in the world of embedded systems.

Qinshift's cutting-edge Machine Vision demo application empowers full automation of crane systems, mitigating common risk factors with precision. Employing cameras for reliable environment monitoring, the crane system utilizes real-time data processing to control reactions and movements, ensuring optimal routes and safeguarding mission-critical functionalities.


Key Features:

·        Real-time response

·        Protection of mission-critical functionalities

·        Dynamic route calculation and status reporting

·        Hardware consolidation

Automated Crane System Advantages:

·        Load identification and movement to preprogrammed destinations

·        Regulating crane pull force to prevent load damage

·        Constant monitoring of crane load

·        Safe movement procedures for sudden direction changes

·        Monitoring objects along calculated movement trajectory

·        Creation of safe movement tracking

·        Rapid response to prevent object collisions

·        Detection of foreign objects in the monitored area

To achieve these advanced functionalities, Qinshift has forged strategic partnerships with leading industry players:

·        Green Hills® Software: Operating on the proven INTEGRITY RTOS with IEC-61508 pre-certification for safety-critical applications

·        Freescale™: Leveraging the latest industrial platform based on Layerscape QorIQ technology for overall system control and safety

·        phyTEC: Utilizing an imaging development kit based on Freescale's i.MX6 platform for visualization of the generated layout

The crane system, powered by Qinshift's innovative technology and collaborations, ensures unparalleled automation, safety, and efficiency, transforming the crane industry with human-centric, tech-savvy solutions.


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